ANNOUNCEMENT – The water neutralization unit of SC BERG-BANAT, Fagaras, was finished

noutati1SC BERG-BANAT SRL was the beneficiary of the project.

“The water neutralization unit for the water resulted from the hot-dipping process “, approved by „The non-reimbursable funding contract No. 38/N of 21.05.2008″, was finished on 21 May 2009.

This is one of the most advanced units of this kind in Eastern Europe.

The specific results of this investment in terms of complying with environmental constraints, as well as in terms of technological development are outstanding and they consist of:

  • The minimization of the negative impact of used water on the environment, which will lead to the increase of living standards in the area and the application of the Regional Action Plan for the Environment.
  • Lower costs for the storage, transport and processing by a third party specialized in recycling the refuse resulted from the hot dipping process.
  • New workplaces for the technicians who will handle the neutralization unit.
  • Faster transfers from the tanks to the storage and from the storage to the transporter.
  • Less paperwork to deal with the authorised transport of hazardous waste