1990-2020 BERG BANAT – 30 years in zinc metallurgy

BERG BANAT, a Romanian-German company, celebrates this year 30 years of activity in zinc metallurgy. The company, based in Timisoara, was founded in 1990 by Dr. Eng. Rolf Kohlgrueber – Germany and Dipl. Eng. Horia Visoiu – Romania. Starting from scratch, based on the German capital and the experience in the field of the two engineers, Berg Banat is a pioneer in the development of the private industrial field in Romania and represents a true success story in business, built step by step.

Currently, with 230 employees, 3 thermal galvanizing installations: one in Timisoara and two in Fagaras, the fourth installation under investment at Campia Turzii and a fleet of 13 trucks, BERG BANAT imposes itself as a national leader in the field of thermal galvanizing .

The galvanized products at BERG BANAT are used in infrastructure (road, railway, energy, communications ), civil and industrial constructions, urban furniture, subassemblies from the machine and installations construction industry, agriculture and animal husbandry.

Modern technology, experienced and qualified staff, logistical capacity, competitive attitude and orientation towards customer requirements are the arguments of BERG BANAT in the current economic landscape in Romania.

For those interested in the success story of BERG BANAT, here is a short history:
1990 – Start of activity
1991 – Commissioning of zinc production furnaces
2000 – Commissioning of the zinc oxide production plant
2003 – Commissioning of the hot dip galvanizing installation in Timișoara
2004 – TUV ISO 9001/2000 Certification Permanent collaboration with the Faculty of Industrial Chemistry and Environmental Engineering Timișoara
2007 – Joining ANAZ (National Association of Galvanizers in Romania)
2009 – Commissioning of the hot dip galvanizing plant in Făgăraș
2012 – Implementation of the integrated management system: quality, environment, work safety
2015 – Expansion of the capacity of the hot dip galvanizing installation in Făgăraș
2016 – Commissioning in Făgăraș of the automatic installation of hot dip galvanizing of small parts, by spining
2018 – Starting the investment at Campia Turzii: the third hot dip galvanizing factory / the fourth hot dip galvanizing installation
2020 – 30 years in zinc metallurgy, celebrated online, by promoting THERMAL GALVANIZATION technology and BERG BANAT company, at national level, to architects, designers, entrepreneurs and investors from the private sector and administration (approximately 15,000 contacts).

On the occasion of this beautiful anniversary, we send a good thought to all our clients, potential clients and collaborators.

Happy birthday to all of you !

Best Regards,

Dan Visoiu