25 Years

BERG BANAT SRL celebrates this year 25 years of existence!
In the fall of 2015, we will organize a special event that will present the history, achievements and perspectives of the company BERG BANAT.

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Rebranding Bergbanat

noutati52009 is the year when the image of BergBanat was completely changed, in order to gain a coherent image that would express reliability, trust and professionalism.

BergBanat decided to cooperate with one of the best graphic design studios in Timisoara, Idea Design + Print, for a complete rebranding. Apart from the ID corporate, the visual materials necessary for the Brasov Symposium and for the opening of the Fagaras unit were produced here.

The BergBanat Symposium on hot dipping in Brasov

noutati4On April 29, 2009, Brasov hosted the BergBanat Symposium on hot-dipping. The symposium was part of the events dedicated to the opening of the hot-dipping unit in Fagaras.

The programme included: presenting the advantages of hot-dipping to painting, especially in the BergBanat Fagaras unit, the most modern unit of this kind in Eastern Europe.

Mr. Dan Visoiu, general manager of BergBanat, presented the results of the BergBanat units in Timisoara and Fagaras, as well as the history of the company.

The symposium was attended by numerous participants who work in the field of metallurgy and constructions, local prominent figures, as well as Dr. Rolf Kohlgruber, co-founder of BergBanat.

Public announcement about the public debate on the INTEGRATED ENVIRONMENTAL LICENCE The hot-dipping unit in Fagaras was opened.

noutati2S.C. BERG – BANAT S.R.L., manager of the „Hot-dipping unit” project, which is situated in Fagaras, 1 Negoiu St, Brasov county, organizes the public debate about the necessity of obtaining the integrated environmental license.

Information on the potential environmental impact of the activity which requires the integrated environmental license is available at the offices of ARPM Sibiu, 2A Hipodromului St., between the working hours 8 a.m -4 p.m, from Monday to Friday.

The public debate will take place at 4 p.m. on June 11 2009 at the City Council of Fagaras, Brasov county.
The comments and suggestions are to be sent in written form to the offices of ARPM Sibiu, 2A Hipodromului St., or via email at: office@arpm7c.ro, by 10.06.2009.

noutati3On April 30 2009, the second hot-dipping unit of BergBanat was opened in Fagaras. The first unit was opened in Timisoara in 2003, being designed by Berg Germany.

The event took place in the BergBanat hall of the UPRUC industrial platform, in the presence of Dr. Rolf Kohlgruber, Dan Visoiu, Horia Visoiu, the mayor of the city of Fagaras, prominent public figures in Brasov and Fagaras.

A religious service inaugurated the hot-dipping unit. Then, the general manager Dan Visoiu presented the unit to all the guests. Dr. Rolf Kohlgruber took the floor, stressing that this is the most modern hot-dipping unit in Eastern Europe and that this investment had a great impact on the dynamics of the city of Fagaras with the great number of workplaces it offered.

A tour of the hot-dipping unit was then organized for the guests, who were shown the stages of the hot-dipping process. A demonstrative, first hot-dipping operation was then performed.

ANNOUNCEMENT – The water neutralization unit of SC BERG-BANAT, Fagaras, was finished

noutati1SC BERG-BANAT SRL was the beneficiary of the project.

“The water neutralization unit for the water resulted from the hot-dipping process “, approved by „The non-reimbursable funding contract No. 38/N of 21.05.2008″, was finished on 21 May 2009.

This is one of the most advanced units of this kind in Eastern Europe.

The specific results of this investment in terms of complying with environmental constraints, as well as in terms of technological development are outstanding and they consist of:

  • The minimization of the negative impact of used water on the environment, which will lead to the increase of living standards in the area and the application of the Regional Action Plan for the Environment.
  • Lower costs for the storage, transport and processing by a third party specialized in recycling the refuse resulted from the hot dipping process.
  • New workplaces for the technicians who will handle the neutralization unit.
  • Faster transfers from the tanks to the storage and from the storage to the transporter.
  • Less paperwork to deal with the authorised transport of hazardous waste

Code of ethics

BERG Banat Code of Ethics

1. Priority of all employees is to ensure the quality of products and services made
2. Combating corruption in any situation
3. Impartiality in the decisions taken by the managers of departments and departments
4. Honesty in compliance with laws and internal regulations
5. Conduct appropriate to resolve a conflict of interest
6. Competing fairly
7. Confidentiality training at all levels
8. Individual integrity by ensuring working conditions
9. Responsibility to the community
10. Protecting the environment5. Conduită adecvată în rezolvarea unui conflict de interese